💥 K2 Snap Words Writing practice HFW/ BOOM CARDS™ 💥

💥 K2 Snap Words Writing practice HFW/ BOOM CARDS™ 💥

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💥 Digital resource to practice WRITING of K2 High Frequency Words using BOOM CARDS™ 

It includes:
  • 25 cards to write High Frequency Words
  • Audio with instructions.
  • "Drag for help!" button in case the students need help to type the words.
  • HFW included: a, can, in, my, the, am, do, is, no, an, go, it, on, up, and, he, like, see, we, at I, me, so, you.

Why to use BOOM CARDS™?
Because they are interactive.
Because they are entertaining and motivating.
Because you don't need more preparation.
Because you save paper.
Because it promotes self-evaluation of your students.
Because they work as entrance or exit tickets for a lesson.
Because it encourages independent work.
Because they are easy to share.
Because they work on computers, tablets and cell phones.

Do you want to know more about BOOM CARDS™?

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*** This pedagogical resource is for personal use for you, your students and their families.
*** It is strictly forbidden to reproduce, resell or socialize on social networks as if it were yours.

Thank you very much for downloading this resource!